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Good afternoon Year 2 - it's Miss Boyce again!😁 How did you get on with your learning today? Make sure your adults are taking pictures and uploading them to Seesaw so that your teachers can celebrate your fantastic achievements! 😁🎉


I have some sad news to share with you this afternoon - Adelina from Laal class won't be returning to Gascoigne Primary School as she is moving to Newcastle Upon Tyne. 😢 Everyone in Laal class is going to miss Adelina SO much - we have made lots of wonderful memories this year. 😁 We know you will be fabulous at your new school! Keep shining bright, superstar! 🌟


Have a great evening Year 2! 👍


Lots of love and hugs,


Miss Boyce 🤓❤️

Good morning superstars 🌟 it's Miss Boyce here! 😁 How are you all?!


Don't forget about our Bug Club competition this week (and every week)! We are looking out for the child who reads the most books (and answers the comprehension questions accurately​​​​​​) to be the winner of the week! 😁📖🎉 If you've been reading books at home, why don't you take a picture of the front cover and upload it to Seesaw. That way, your teacher can start a tally chart (just like we have been practising this week 😉) to keep note of how many books you have been reading too.👍

Last night, I read one of Laal classes favourite stories... 🤩

You can listen to it here on YouTube if you would like to:

It always makes me smile! 😁


Enjoy your day superstars - looking forward to catching up with you this afternoon. 😊


Lots of love and hugs, 


Miss Boyce ❤️