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Year 6 - Gold

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Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to the Year 6 page! You can use this page to find out about what your children have been learning, all of our achievements and what will be coming up next! As Year 6 is a time of change and great progress, we encourage you as Parents and Carers to team up with us by visiting this page. Tell us what you think!     



The Amazing and Dynamic Teaching Team of Year 6!

This is the second year that we held class competitions for our pupils to draw portraits of us. The entries were phenomenal, making choosing just one a very hard task!


I am Ms Austin. Not only am I privileged to be the Year 6 Lead and work with amazing staff as well as vibrant children, I am also the Class Teacher for Gold Class. My cute portrait was drawn by Alwena Reyes of Gold Class.


I am Miss Johnson. I am the Class Teacher for Shonali Class and my smile and calm personality were captured by Safa Ahmed of Shonali Class.



I am Miss Line and I am the Class Teacher for Ari Class. I am also one of the PHSE Leads. My stunning portrait was drawn by Scarlett Wishnia of Ari Class.


I am Miss O'Dwyer and I am the Class Teacher for Goolu Class. My portrait - a beautiful piece of art work - was drawn by Aida Rundle-Shahzad.



I am Ms Georgiou and I share the teaching responsibility of Ouru Class! I work with Ouru Class from Mondays to Wednesdays. My eye-catching portrait was drawn by Refa Begum.



I am Mrs Sertdemiral and I share the teaching responsibility of Ouru Class! I work with Ouru Class from Wednesdays to Fridays. My vibrant portrait was drawn by Refa Begum.

We have the privilege of working with dedicated and knowledgeable Teaching and Learning Advocates:


Mrs Jones is a very experienced TLA, who is working very hard to ensure that all our pupils excel. She is based in Ari Class.

Mrs Leigita also supports in Goolu Class. She encourages our pupils to answer questions.


Mrs Choudhury works in Shonali Class. Here, she is helping a child to describe his learning in the English lesson.

Ms Begum is new to Year 6 but this is not stopping her from having a powerful impact on the learners of Ari Class.



Learning in Year 6

Julius Caesar

Image result for julius caesar


In Year 6, our focus for this half term is on Julius Caesar! All the children have a copy of a book based on the famous play by William Shakespeare. Have a look at some of the work the children have been completing this week!

Character descriptions using very high level vocabulary! Could YOU use these words to describe a character?

High level word
































These students can!



We have also been looking at creating balanced arguments. A balanced argument is also known as discussion text. Here, a question is discussed using opposing opinions. The layout is as follows:

A title consisting of a question [Should zoos exist?]

An introduction

Three arguments supporting the argument [for]

Three arguments against the argument [against]

A conclusion consisting of personal views on the topic.

Here, students prepare statements in favour of and in opposition to the existence of zoos in Britain.



See the P4C  page [Philosophy for Children] to see how we linked balanced arguments with our focus to improve the thinking skills of children in Year 6 through philosophical thinking!


Reading in Year 6

Reading is a life skill; without being able to read very well, the chances of doing well in life are limited. Reading helps us to imagine greater things for ourselves and helps us with our writing and in answering questions in our Reasoning Papers. And don't forget - that reading is FUN!

Every child has a Reading Record book. Children must read every day to an adult or older sibling who should be asking them questions to check their comprehension. The progress should be written in the book everyday too. Here is a good example:


Children also complete book reviews every time they complete a book. 


We hope by doing this to foster a love of reading in all our children.

The more books a child reads, the higher up our READING CHAMPIONS chart they go! Go Goolu Class!




The Year 6 Christmas Disco!

To celebrate the hard work of the pupils, a disco was held on the 9th December - and what fun was had by all (especially Mrs Jones!) Check out these pictures of our finest dressed pupils who showed off their moves in this celebration!





















With the money Parents and Carers contributed to the event, the children were provided with nothing short of a healthy feast. The grapes danced into their mouths!



A huge thank you to Miss Ryan who ordered refreshments which were healthy and very tasty! These did not last long! Perhaps this could be a good trade for packed lunches in the New Year!


Miss Johnson lets rip on the dance floor!



The girls Neh Neh..  

The boys Neh Neh!



Smartly dressed Year 6 disco-goers share tips on dancing and fashion.


The evening was lit up by the dance off...

as well as dapper dressing!


"I really enjoyed the whole group dances because everyone could join in no matter how good you were at dancing!


"I really liked they D.J. because he got us all dancing and he played songs where even shy people could join in"


Coming Soon...Julius Caesar!








Here are the hard working team of Year 6!


We held competitions in our classes to see who could create a portrait which captured our appearance. There were so many detailed drawings that we had to hold a vote in order to choose which ones would go on our web page! Look out for these budding artists in the future!

Picture 1 Ms Austin [Year 6 Lead, Class 6A]
Picture 2 Miss O'Dwyer [Class 6O]
Picture 3 Miss Georgiou [Class 6G]

Portraits by: Florjana, Sirazam, Summaya, Urte, and Keisha.


We are very fortunate to have talented, caring and helpful Teaching and Learning Advocates [TLAs] in Year 6. Many of them work in small groups in class or provide more tailored support within our year group.



Mrs Jones is a very experienced TLA who has supported children in Year 6 for many years. She is attached to Class 6O but also runs Speech and Language groups, pre-teaching vocabulary to prepare children for Science and English lessons. She also runs a group to support learners of English.



Mrs Powell is currently attached to Class 6W. She is a skilled member of staff who runs the 'Circle of Friends' group as well as a Reading Comprehension group. This is helping to prepare children to make new friends when they move onto secondary school.



Miss Raja is attached to Class 6W. She supports children in 6O Maths and in 6A English classes.



Mrs Syeda is attached to 6A but also runs a Reading Comprehension group four mornings a week. 



Mrs Deda is attached to Class 6G but supports in Maths and English lessons in other classes.

All of our TLAs support in our Science lessons and are invaluable!


Learning in Year 6


As you know, this is a very important year for your children. SATs tests will be held in May where children will be tested on their reading comprehension, understanding of grammar, arithmetic and mathematical reasoning. 


It is very important that all children attend school everyday to maximise their learning opportunities.




We have been learning about the human body in Science and looked at circulation in humans and animals. We can name the major organs which are responsible for blood circulation and can explain how nutrients are carried in our bloodstream using this system! Phew! 


We even conducted an experiment to test our lung capacity!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Using a 2 litre bottle and some water, we timed to see how quickly we could blow all the water out of the bottle and into a container. Some of us managed to empty the bottle in under twenty seconds!




Year 6 Disco


Before Christmas, Year 6 had their annual disco celebration. It is no doubt that there are future performers [both singers and dancers] in the year group!

Picture 1 Watch me Nae Nae!
Picture 2 I had a really good time, the music was good
Picture 3 I was glad that the school provided drinks
Picture 4 Some people had great dance moves!
Picture 5
Picture 6 I liked it because the D.J. knew the songs we like
Picture 7 I got to dress up and make people smile!

Archery Sessions


This term, Mr Tiago, who teaches P.E. across the school, kindly organised for Year 6 to have archery sessions. These sessions took place in the mornings before school and were free.

Picture 1 The instructor was very clear
Picture 2 It was great fun and I scored a bull's eye
Picture 3 We got to compete in a friendly way
Picture 4 It was really easy to do.
Book Week