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Year 3

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Welcome to Year 3 - Purple, Popu, Benguni, Iyo guduud, Vjollce and  Roxo class.


Welcome to our year 3 web page. Here, you can find all of our fantastic learning that has taken place in our classrooms. You will be amazed at how great we all are. We hope you enjoy our learning journey as much as we do !


Our team !


Purple Class- Mr Hollingsworth & Mrs Funda


Benguni Class- Mrs Johal & Miss Dooley


Popu Class- Miss Onyebalu & Mrs Toumi 


Roxo Class - Mrs Steers & Mrs Ikoli


Vjollce Class- Mrs Ajmal & Miss Dooley





What standard is expected in Year 3? Take a look at our Target Tracker National Curriculum Steps.

Literacy Learning

In literacy this term we are going to be looking at A Tale of two robots (Fiction) & Discussion Texts (Non-Fiction)


We have produced some fantastic writing based around this story. Here are the things that we needed to focus on :

Reading Objectives:

I Can:

  1. Connect and explore the central themes and ideas in A Tale of Two Robots of invention and science, by making links with other texts and their own experiences
  2. Explore how Roy Apps develops plot
  3.   Devise questions for the main character to ask and answer in role.


Key writing purpose:

To write a new episode for a science fiction story

Writing Evaluation:

My story:

1. has a problem, reaction and resolution

2. has dialogue that sounds convincing because it is based on what I know about the 


3. shows the characters’ reactions to new situations.



I can write a new episode which will include the correct use of first person (I, we) for a short part of the episode written by a first-person narrator.


Our Writing




As part of the curriculum, children are expected to complete comprehension tasks independently. In order to ensure that our children are achieving the expected progress they will need practice these skills. Attached is a completed comprehension task that models what is expected of the children in year 3. The model along with the simple steps provided below should help you to assist your children in completing this activity as part of their home learning. You may work with your children but please be aware that during test conditions children are expected to complete all reading independently. Please let the children complete the tasks independently and then follow the steps below to check through it with them together after they have completed it.


4 step guide for comprehension:

1. Read and understand the text.


2. Read and understand the question

  • What is it asking you to do?


3. Highlight the important words in the question.

  • Think about where the answer might be.
  • Highlight text


4. Find the answer

  • Look at how many marks the question is worth to determine how much detail you will need to answer in.

5. Answer the question. 




We are focusing on number and shape this half term. We have looked at creating our own number lines to work out addition and subtraction sums. This will then help us work them out mentally!


For number, we will be learning to recognise the place value of each digit in a three-digit number and compare and order numbers up to 1000. We will solve problems, using multiplication and division facts, including missing number problems. We will also recognise, find and write fractions and add fractions with the same denominator. For shape, we will learn to recognise and name 3-D shapes lying in any position and describe their properties.

Our Methods


Our topic this term is called, 'The Power Of Forces'. We will be exploring how forces can make objects start to move, speed up, slow down or change direction. We will compare how things move on different surfaces and will learn that some metals, but not all, are magnetic and that all non-metals are non-magnetic.



Our topic learning !

Art, DT & Computing.


Thi s half term our topic is called 'Mighty Metals'. In computing we will be creating a presentation all about our Mighty Metals project, including many facts and using transition effects to move from slide to slide.

In Art and Design, we will be using wire, metal beads, foils and clasps to make jewellery. We will use techniques of wrapping, curling, bending and threading to make a range of decorative body art including bracelets, badges and rings. 

Home Learning!


We will receive our home learning every Tuesday which is due to be returned by the following Tuesday. The home learning will include literacy and maths learning that we have been focusing on. In addition to this we will also need to practise our weekly spellings as there will be a weekly spelling test and of course we all want to achieve top marks!


It is really important that we read our books daily as this helps us to improve our writing skills too. Once we have finished reading our books we will need to complete a high quality book review to explain what we thought about the book. The more we read the more likely we are to receive the highly sought after certificates from Ms Ferreira! We would love for year 3 to be the overall reading champions this year, so we need to keep the book reviews flowing.


Don't just stop there though,the year 3 teachers always welcome extra home learning!