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School Uniform

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School Uniform Expectations


It is important that our pupils are encouraged to get in to good habits; we expect children to dress in full school uniform every day.  We also expect children to wear their school uniform correctly, i.e. their shirt must be tucked in and shoes laces tied.


Our uniform consists of the following:


  • Black or grey skirt / pinafore / trousers;
  • White polo shirt / shirt;
  • Royal blue school sweatshirt / fleece;
  • Blue checked summer dress;
  • Black, grey or white socks or tights;
  • Black flat shoes or black trainers.


  • Black or grey trousers / shorts;
  • White polo shirt / shirt;
  • Royal blue school sweatshirt / fleece;
  • Black, grey or white socks;
  • Black shoes or trainers.



  • Hair must be tied back;
  • No "extreme" hairstyles e.g. carving in hair, Mohicans, hair colouring;
  • No nail varnish, false nails or make up;
  • Jewellery - ears should be pierced during school holidays.  If your child has pierced ears please ensure that only studs are worn in school.  Large hoops and dangling earrings are unsuitable / unsafe in school.  If your child attends school with earrings in and is unable to remove them, they must be covered.  
  • Watches are suitable if they are not too bulky and noisy.    
  • On P.E. days please remove all jewellery;
  • School bags should be able to fit on a peg.  


Please note that boots may be worn to school but children will be asked to change into

their plimsolls or school shoes when they arrive.


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