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Philosophy 4 Children

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What is P4C?

P4C is a way of developing children's ability to become better thinkers, but at the same time has a profound ability to make children more co-operative, creative, tolerant and respectful of differing viewpoints. It allows the children to challenge, question and alter their opinions and ideas as a result of high order thinking and reasoning.  Children who are regularly engaging in P4C tend to think more deeply about a range of ethical/moral and environmental issues and consequently live better lives as a result. 


What does P4C look like in the classroom?

The children are given a stimulus, such as a picture, book, short video clip, poem, piece of music, which is used to generate some discussion that helps the children form questions that they would like to use as a basis for a community of enquiry. The children then vote on a question posed by their peers and the enquiry begins. The teacher, rather than be the 'sage on stage' becomes the 'guide on the side' and facilitates a discussion which helps the children to explore and deepen their thinking in response to the question raised.  


A community of enquiry is organised as a circle, which gives each participant equal status to contribute their thinking and ideas. The following ground rules are set:

-Listen to the speaker

-Respect others' views

-Build onto others' ideas

-Be prepared to think

-There is no right or wrong answer

Coming soon....

*Video clips of Gascoigne children undertaking a community of enquiry


*Written philosophical work based on a stimulus provided

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Class enquiries 

These photos show our children taking part in P4C enquiries. The children are always very mature in their approach; they develop their own opinions and ideas, analyse significant concepts and apply the best reasoning and judgement that they can to a stimulus.


Take a look at some of the questions discussed!




Blue Class Enquiry 



Purple Class Enquiry


Green Class Enquiry


Portokali Class Enquiry


Shonali Class Enquiry

The Black Hole | Future Shorts

A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole - and then greed gets the better of him...

Take a look at our written work produced from a P4C stimulus...

As part of their literacy and P4C focus, Year 6 watched The Piano by Aidon Gibbons. It raised many questions among the pupils and as a result, they were able to produce emotive pieces of writing. 

The Piano by Aidan Gibbons

A beautiful and touching animation, which includes many themes for discussion.

Writing examples to soon follow!