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Mrs S Murphy

Staff Governor



Hello everyone. My name is Ms Murphy. Many of you will recognise me as I have been at Gascoigne for a number of years!!! For those of you who know very little about me, I originate from Gloucestershire and trained to become a teacher in Cheltenham for 4 years gaining a B.Ed (Hons) degree. I moved to London where I worked for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (under the old ILEA).  I spent a few years teaching in a deprived area of the East End, which was truly an amazing experience. I gained promotion and initially took up a post at Gascoigne Infant School (In the golden oldie days there were two separate schools –Infant and Junior!!). Initially, I taught in Key Stage 1 but after a few years, I transferred into Key Stage 2 (based predominantly in Year 6) where I have remained ever since!!


Looking back, as I write this, I conclude that the years have flown by far too quickly for my liking! Gascoigne Primary School (amalgamated in 1999) has grown from three to five form entry in recent years with an ever increasing expansion on the horizon from September 2016, making it a seven form entry school in the foreseeable future.


Gascoigne Primary is a school of which I am immensely proud to be a member of staff and a Governor. Staff should be commended for their continuing hard work to date. Why did I become a Governor many years ago? Initially, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how a school ran ‘behind the scenes’ and learn more about all the complex issues , legislation, LEA policies and other documentation involved in the ‘World of Education’. However, although these are still important, the role of a Governor has changed especially in recent years.


It is important to remember that Governors play a vital role in school life; it is a position of great responsibility and should always be taken seriously. As a Governor, seeing our school continuing to grow, it is important to look to the future and the ‘bigger picture’ and make appropriate changes which are in keeping with our whole school ethos. Personally, I have always held the belief that Gascoigne has the potential to move from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ and for all of us this continues to be our ultimate aim.


Our pupils are very special. Every pupil in our school (Nursery to Year 6) has the potential to make at least good progress and achieve truly great things in his/her life.  As a school, it is important that we equip all our pupils with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding that will prepare each and every one for their future life, particularly the transition to Secondary School. It is also important to remember that Education should also focus upon developing the ‘whole individual’. As a school, we also spend a considerable amount of time developing the social and emotional side of each pupil.  As a Governor, I also want to ensure our pupils feel happy, safe and secure within our school and that parents find us approachable. I believe at Gascoigne, we know our pupils extremely well and they are continually supported on a daily basis (Ofsted has recognised this during several Inspections). I want our school to continue to go from ‘strength to strength’ and as a member of our Governing Body, I will endeavour to make this happen.