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Homework Expectations


Every Thursday, children will receive homework for reading, writing, maths and spellings. This should be completed in their homework books and brought back by the next Wednesday. Children will be tested on their spellings on Wednesday/Thursday (depending on the class). We recommend children practise their spellings daily to improve their chances of remembering them and being able to apply them in their writing. In their homework books, we would like children to write the meanings of their spelling list words, as well as write a sentence where they use them correctly. Children can also use the Macbeth PDF below to read a child friendly version of the play-script at home, which we will then be working on in school.

Homework - 01/11/2018 (Due 07/11/2018)

Homework - 18/10/2018 (Due 31/10/2018)

Children will also be taking home their most recent SATs practise papers. Over the half term, we would like you to look through them and identify any areas which you need to develop/work on. Then you can use your revision guides or the internet to revise these topics and answer some questions in your homework book. Remember - practise the things you find challenging, rather than the things you find easy!

Homework - 12/10/2018 (Due 18/10/2018)

Homework - 14/09/2018 (Due 20/09/2018)