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Welcome To Our Star Room Page!

At Gascoigne Primary School, we believe that every child matters. Our Star Room was set up with this in mind.  Here we work with children who have been diagnosed as on the Autistic Spectrum or have Social and Communication difficulties. Our aim is to provide the children with a structured learning environment that enables them to progress, improve their social skills and encourage independence. 

We have provisions in both Early Years and Key Stage 1

Star Room - Early Years

Rainbow Room - Key Stage 1

A Week Inside Our Star Room

A typical week in our provisions would include:


Use of visual timetables - using a visual timetable informs the children of what they can expect throughout the day and encourages independence as they take themselves from one activity to another and move around the setting independently.

Teacch Work Station - children are taught by an errorless learning approach based on the TEACHH approach used in the Borough. Children are given tasks which are visually clear so that they are able to learn independently or with minimal support.  As children progress to completing the task completely independently, the task is adapted to increase the child's learning.

Independent Work Station - children complete a range of tasks without any adult input which encourages independence and confidence..

Communication Table - children work on skills such as, turn taking, PECS practice, programmes provided by the Speech Therapist, Colourful Semantics, making a choice and 1:1 teaching.

Attention Autism Session- this session is designed to increase the children's focus and attention time in a fun and engaging way.

Group Activity- children engage in a range of activities concentrating on understanding, listening skills, turn taking, waiting, sitting alongside others and interacting with adults and children.

Picture Exchange System (PECS) - we use PECS as a communication aid a various times throughout the day.  This system is helpful for children to communicate their needs which eases frustration and gives children a voice. The system is used as a communication aid, it does not replace words.

Heuristic Play - this play session encourages children to explore natural materials at their own pace.  It encourages imaginative play and exploration.

Structured Play - children take part in games that involve waiting and turn taking, such as, throwing a ball into a hoop, kicking a ball into a goal, throwing bean bags into a box. The game is structured in such a way that the expectations of the children are clear.  They have visuals to tell them when they are waiting, when it is their turn, also, how many turns they have and where they are positioned in the line.

Sensory Room - children access a range of sensory experiences in the beautiful sensory room at Gascoigne Children's Centre.  This is a time for the children to explore a range of resources and choose experience that they particularly enjoy.  

Inclusion Time - this is a scheduled time when children have access to time with their Class Teacher and Class.  Inclusion is scheduled at a time and in a way that best fits the needs of the child.

Garden - This is a time for fun and exploration!!

Parent Information

Useful Contacts - After school and Holiday Club


Barnardos - Little Stars - Respite Provider


Funky Willows - Respite Provider

Parent Coffee Mornings


Please come along to our drop-in coffee morning which we hold on the Shaftesbury site on a Friday every week at 9.00am.

Our coffee mornings provide a chance to chat with other parents, relax with a tea or coffee after the morning rush, sample our delicious biscuits and treats and share experiences.

We periodically invite professionals from other agencies to come in to demonstrate what is on offer in the local area and give us tips and advice. 

Please feel free to come along.  There is no obligation to stay or to come every week. 


On Friday 9th June, De Hyde-Early Years Advisory Teacher for London Borough of Barking and Dagenham is coming in to talk to us about Sensory Processing Difficulties. 


Sensory Processing Difficulty

If you’re familiar with the term “sensory overload,” you have an idea what sensory processing issues are. Sometimes called sensory processing disorder or SPD, these issues happen because the brain has trouble organising information from the senses.

Children with sensory processing issues can be oversensitive to sights, sounds, textures, flavors, smells and other sensory input. This can make a trip to a toy store or trying a new dish at a restaurant an overwhelming experience for them. Other children with sensory processing issues are under sensitive to information they receive through the senses. This can lead to other problems.

Sensory processing issues can impact a child’s social skills. It can also cause difficulties in the classroom. Learning more about sensory processing issues and possible treatments is a good first step in getting help for your child.


If you are interested in this topic, please feel free to come along!!