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We are so grateful to you all for your support with Horizon 360 and excited about welcoming our next cohort! Please see some of our FAQs below and don’t hesitate to ask any more questions by emailing:


What do I wear to Horizon 360?

We are getting Horizon 360 sweatshirts but they aren’t quite ready yet. So, to begin with you can wear your own school’s uniform or some dark coloured trousers with a plain sweatshirt/t-shirt.


What time do I start/finish school?

We start at 9.15 every day and finish at 2.30.


What do I eat?

We will have some breakfast together in the morning (9:15 – 9:30), provided by Horizon 360. At lunch time, you can bring a packed lunch or have a school meal. If you have Free School Meals then you can still have these in Horizon 360.


Will I fall behind with my learning?

No! We will be learning all the time and working at the individual levels for all pupils. We will be working in smaller groups so you can have targeted support.


Is Horizon 360 a punishment or for pupils who don’t behave?

Not at all. Horizon 360 has been created to offer additional support to pupils with the social, emotional and mental health aspects of their learning and development. It is not a punishment, an exclusion or a behaviour unit. It is an extended nurture provision unit.


Will I still be part of my school?

Yes! You will be dual registered and still a pupil at your school. You will attend Horizon 360 for 14 weeks and we will be in regular communication with your school.


What if I don’t like it?

Change can be challenging and there may be days when you miss your own school. We are here to support you and help you with any difficult feelings and work through them with you.


What if I’m ready to go back early?

Horizon 360 is a 14 week intervention and it is important to take part in the full 14 weeks. Around week 7, we will meet with you and your school to plan transition back to school.


What contact will I have with my school during my placement?

This may vary between schools but schools will be invited to a mid-term review and graduation at the end of the placement. We will also set up a session once a fortnight so that you are able to Skype with a member of staff from your school.