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Children's Wellbeing

Sid Slaney

Gascoigne's Mental Health & Wellbeing Champion


Hi All, my name is Sid Slaney and I am a Family Liaison Practitioner.  My primary role is to be the advocate for our families at Gascoigne Primary with my colleagues Anne, Kelly and Marie.  Our aim is to make sure our parents and children get the best possible deal by being part of our Gascoigne Community.


Dear children,


Starting week commencing March 20th, I will be offering drop-in sessions over both sites during break times and lunch times for you. I have attached the poster that I will be bringing round to each class to display in your classrooms so you are all aware of the sessions. These will also be displayed around the school.


CAS (Chatting About Stuff) sessions will be an opportunity for you to express your feelings around things such as:


* Parents fighting, quarrelling or splitting up;

* anxiety, fear, worry;

* transitions and major life changes;

* Feelings of sadness;

* loss of someone special.


As well as the drop-ins, there is an opportunity for your teacher to refer, via email, a pupil in your class who they feel would benefit from 1:1 on a weekly basis who may or may not have vocalised the need for support, or who may be too young to grasp the drop-in session.