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  Inspire to achieve; persevere to succeed.



Inspire to achieve; persevere to succeed


Whole School Attendance

1 September 2016 to19th May 2017




Attendance Policy

What Children miss when absent


Attend and Achieve

Coming to school each day is the best way to ensure that your child  get the best from all the learning opportunities offered here at Gascoigne.

To encourage our pupils to come to school everyday and on time we provide them with an exciting curriculum as well as a range of incentives.

At every Key Stage pupils who achieve 100% attendance during the 5 school days in each week, will receive a special attendance sticker.

The class/es who achieve the highest attendance during the week, are celebrated in our Stay On Green assemblies, and receive a certificate signed by the Head teacher and becomes holders of the silver attendance trophy for that week.

  The week's attendance for each class: week beginning 15th May 2017



Class %
Amarelo 93.79
EVerdhe 93.46
Holud 97.93
Jaalle Ah 97.93
Jaune 94.29
Ofeefee 93.93
Yellow 97.14
Azul 93.67
Blue 98.33
Bulu 97.24
EKalter 96.67
Nil 96.21
Cas 95.19
Ekuqe 94.07
Lal 94.81
Pupa 94.64
Red 100.00
Vermelho 96.91
Benguni 96.67
Popu 99.00
Purple 94.67
Roxo 98.00
Vjollce 94.33
Alawo ewe 98.46


E Gjelbert 95.33
Green 99.63
Shobuj 98.28
Verde 97.70
Komola 98.57


Orange 98.93
Osan 96.54
Portokali 98.15
Ari 91.79
Gold 99.33
Goolu 97.59
Ouro 97.86
Shonali 96.15



90% attendance = 1/2 day missed every week!!!

One school year at 90% attendance =4 whole weeks of lessons MISSED!!  BIG GAP in learning.



Our school's overall attendance target for 2016/2017 is 97% - and we really need you to help us achieve and indeed exceed this target by ensuring that your child comes in to school every day!


Good attendance at Gascoigne is very important and your child's education is very important to us.

Well done to those children who attend regularly.  We are very proud of you!