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Active and Healthy Lifestyle

A child is a being under construction. There are phases of its construction in which it becomes more sensitive to the reception of certain stimuli. And the truth is that either these stimuli (kinesthetic, social, proprioceptive, etc.) are provided at a certain stage of their life, or, forever, it will not be possible to acquire with the same efficiency. As parents, we must be aware of this process and also be aware that we are all part of a team that is responsible  for something as important as ... a Child. 


Gascoigne Primary School, is part of this team. Our children are at a crucial stage of their future development; and we are part of their future.  

Thus, we will seek here, to stimulate the knowledge, the will and the perseverance of the parents. Each moment is a unique moment in which we have the opportunity through simple gestures, to do great things. And the symbiosis that is established with the children is perhaps the most important trace of its development.


As we know, it is impossible to dissociate cognitive development from the physical. This aspect is indisputable and has been scientifically proven by multiple studies.


Therefore, this page is dedicated to parents, to share some ideas and knowledge regarding how they can help their children in their free time, as well as providing articles of opinion regarding physical activity, rest and feeding and how they may play a key role in the balanced growth of all children.