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Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Action Plan January 2016





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Success criteria

To secure high expectations in the learning and teaching of writing for SEND pupils.

Training TLAs on how to lead shared writing


Introducing the use of Colourful Semantics


Working with year groups to identify barriers to learning and plan strategies to overcome them.


Monitoring planning for SEND pupils.


Developing the partnership between teachers and TLAs to ensure high quality teaching for SEND pupils.


Implement 1st Class writing programme in year 3


Spring 2016




Spring 2016


























English team

Inclusion managers


Focussed planning clearly shows differentiation and challenge, as well as the expected progression for SEND groups.

Recorded learning shows evidence of no less than good progress made by SEND learners.


Data for SEND learners shows good progress and attainment,

To improve outcomes for pupils with SEMH needs

Team Teach training for TLAs and Sencos


Refurbish Phase 1 library and old staff room to create nurture rooms


Develop nurture provision.


To set up Social inclusion team.


Autumn term





Spring term

Inclusion managers

Office manager

Data showing that pupils with SEMH have made good progress.

Pupils with SEMH are nurtured and engaging with lessons.

Staff are more confident in meeting the needs of pupils with SEMH

To improve provision for pupils with autism across the school

Work with inclusion advisors to improve planning and provision for ASD pupils.


Autism training for all staff.


Re-furbish Rainbow Room and set up soft area.

Appoint HLTA for ASD.



Inclusion managers

Data showing that pupils with autism have made good progress.


Pupils with autism are demonstrating higher levels of independence.


Staff are more confident in meeting the needs of pupils with autism

To improve the physical environment to ensure full accessibility.

Creating a disabled changing facility in early years.


Annual service and maintenance of mobile and ceiling hoists and lift.


Manual handling training for staff.


Comply with




matters relating

to provision for


persons when

changing and

adapting the


premises and in the new school building.


Implement the use of hearing system in year 1 classroom.


Summer term












Summer term




















Head teacher

Inclusion managers

Maintenance of good physical accessibility throughout the school.